Plant & Equipment

Project execution in PTE has always received a fillip thanks to availability of resources. All the plant vehicles, equipment, tools and test instruments are of state-of-the art and in top class condition.

Highly skilled operators and maintenance crews are operate the equipment. Mantra of maintenance crew in ZPTE is minimum down time & NO LTI. Plant and Machinery inventory exceeds 484 in number that includes,

  • Soilmec Rig up to 1500 mm Diameter 
  • Pole drill rigs up to 1000 mm Diameter
  • Cranes up to 250 Ton capacity
  • Man lift bucket trucks (up to 22 mtr)
  • Concrete Batching Plant
  • Cement Bulkers
  • Transit mixers
  • JCBs and Shovels
  • Excavators and Rock breakers
  • Tool carriers and Forklifts
  • Trailers with Prime movers
  • Water and Fuel tankers
  • Buses, Canters, Pickups and Station wagons
  • Enormous selection of testing equipments and Instruments