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About Zawawi Powertech Engineering L.L.C

Powertech Engineering LLC (PTE) was founded in 2006 with the objective of supporting the development and progress of Oman’s Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution system.)

Setup, owned and operated by technocrats from diverse fields, Powertech contributed to the modernization of Oman’s power distribution system. Along the way the company grew and expanded in this field. Today, Power tech’s key activities include Power Generation Power transmission and Power distribution projects, Oil & Gas infrastructure projects, related substation setup testing and commissioning of power systems for various end users and industries in the country.

The company experienced growth and company operations were renamed in the year 2016 as M/s Zawawi Powertech Engineering LLC (ZPTE). The present turnover of ZPTE exceeds US$ 200 million with capabilities of executing various EPC projects or and service contracts to the tune of a single project worth of $ 100 million USD in Oman and otherparts of Middle East.

Since the formation of the company, ZPTE has played a significant role in power generation and transmission projects in the country. ZPTE qualified a wide range of registrations with major clients in Oman such as Ministry of Oil and Gas, under which Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Occidental of Oman (OXY), Oman Gas Company (OGC), BP Khazzan, ORPIC, Oman LNG and Electrical Distribution Companies of MJEC, MZEC, RAECO, OETC etc., to execute and complete EPC projects for various disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation. (Above paragraph revision advised)

As part of a group of companies of which Best Oil & Gas Solution LLC is one, ZTPE is ideally placed to serve Oman’s Oil & Gas and other industries, governments with its multi-dimensional expertise, strength of its team in knowledge and experience executing Major power infrastructure projects and project completion well ahead of project schedule.

The expertise it gained encouraged management to form a special cell which offers Project Management services. In this area too the company gained tremendous success in a short span, counting among its clients names such as Oman Electricity Transmission Company and Petroleum Development Oman.

ZPTE Project management services are at the heart of our successful and sustainable project delivery capabilities.

The projects we deliver are typically large and complex, requiring strong management and control to reach a successful conclusion. ZPTE has thus delivered millions of man hours and maintained an excellent safety record throughout.

We use recognised project management frameworks and processes as part of our quality management system for the management and control of all our projects, whether these are engineering, procurement, construction or commissioning projects.

Project management teams are usually involved from start to finish of a project, and are critical to its success. Our people have proven delivery capabilities from concept stage through to execution, delivery and start up.

Scale and complexity is never a problem for us. We have the man-power to cover projects of any size, and we tailor our teams based on the individual requirements of the client and project.

With priorities in safety and client satisfaction, we take immense pride in ensuring our people operate in a safe environmentand that our projects are completed successfully.

Our specialized services include engineering, Procure and Construction (EPC) as well as Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management contractor Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental services as our prime commitment.

ZPTE procurement experts have first-class expertise in high-value order management.

ZPTE has a highly experienced team and work with approved vendor lists from our clients.

ZPTE Procurement Department follows Operational structures which permitprompt approvals and decision making as well as building and maintaining excellent relationships throughout the vendor community,early commitment to long lead items, strong engagement with vendors at the proposal stage, forward planning - looking and booking ahead, pro-active expediting (desk and field), including extensive use of the support office network, resident inspectors and frequency of management visibility and visits.

ZPTE ensures that the projects we design and build are ready to be operated safely and reliably before being handed over to client.

ZPTE Projectteams’ primary objective are to ensure the facilities we design, build and maintain are inspected and tested safely, systematically and thoroughly before being handed over to our clients. This is to ensure that these facilities can be operated safely and reliably. ZPTE expert completions teams are involved in each project from the beginning, starting with the proposal stage and working closely through the engineering and procurement phases as well as early involvement in construction activities.

ZPTE Project team anticipate and address any potential problems in the early stages of the completions phase. They provide interface with the various contractors and other parties providing efficiency and focus on delivery. We ensure the early involvement of our completions personnel during critical design review stage of Engineering and final testing of equipment and provide support in training for operations and maintenance activities.

ZPTE make sure that our deliverables are safe, reliable, operable, maintainable and fit-for-purpose.

ZPTE is poised to expand even further by exploring alternative energy sources and plan major projects based on non-conventional energy development, to take Oman even further on the road to prosperity.