Prestigious Projects Completed

Project Id Client Name Project Title
PTE 039 Arabian Industries Projects LLC C31/1097 Hubara Saihrawal 132kV OHL (South)
PTE 059 Petroleum Development of Oman C31/1064 - Amal Steam 132KV Substation
PTE 074 Oman Electricity Transmission Company t. no: 429/2009 inst.of addl.125mva trxits associated eqmts at wadi kabir gs
PTE 075 Oman Electricity Transmission Company t. no: 428/2009 inst.of addl.125mva trxits associated eqmts at mawellah gs
PTE 079 Arabian Industries Projects LLC C31/0606 132kV OHL Harweel-Thumrait - Upgradation of 132kv S/S in Thumriat & Harweel
PTE 084 Oman Electricity Transmission Company T. No: 33/2010 Revamping of Protection system at 132kv & 220kv G.S in Muscat
PTE 100 wood- ccc ltd. C31/1163 EMC Contract for South Oman- E & I Scope of Works
PTE 110 MEDCO LLC MEDCO/SC/0072/2011 Provision of Flowline Design & Construction Services
PTE 117 Petroleum Development of Oman C31/1255 132 kV OHL Reinforcement Yibal2PS-Fahud-Nahada
PTE 126 Petroleum Development of Oman C31/1311 Nimr Generation Substation Upgrade
PTE 127 Jahanpars & Mapna Consortium C31/1132 Qarnalam Power Plant Phase-3 Extension
PTE 129 Petroleum Development of Oman C31/1312 Lekhwair Power System Upgrade
PTE 141 Muscat Electricity Distribution Company T.No: 108/2012 Construction of 3 X 20 MVA,33/11 kV Primary Substation at Bait Al Falaj
PTE 143 Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC (OOCEP) t.no: ab/2013-011 central facility electrical distribution systemsubstations
PTE 145 Al Hassan Engineering Co. SAOG C31/1530 Rabab Harweel Power Plant & HRSG Project - 132 kV OHL & Switchyard
PTE 146 Rural Area Electricity Co. SAOG t.no: 54/2013 procurement & construction of 132 kv & 33 kv ohl, switchyard33/11 kv ss at al wusta-haima
PTE 148 Muscat Electricity Distribution Company T.No: 08/2014 - Construction of 33 KV Switchgears Substation for 4 x 125 MVA Transformers at Rusayl
PTE 149 Muscat Electricity Distribution Company t.no: 09/2014 - upgrading the mawalleh south 0102 pss from 2 x 20 mva to 3 x 20 mva
PTE 153 Petroleum Development of Oman c31/1641 mlm-yib2qaps-sndc 132 kv ohl
PTE 154 BP Exploration Limited C4300436398 - Construction of the Extension of Mussallim 132kV Substation
PTE 156 Oman Electricity Transmission Company t.no: 80/2015 - construction of new 132/11 kv grid station at daghmarassociated 132 kv ohl
PTE 160 Oman Gas Company ogc 20/2015- epc for second new 33 kv ohlfahudextension of existing ohl to fcs